How It All Started


Peace! My name is Idasa Tariq and I’m the founder of & it’s parent company, Ground Flow Communications.



I started back in 2011 on Blogger when I first started creating Hip Hop based websites. (back then it was called “The Beat Jawn”…I dropped the “the” a la Facebook.)


At that time, it was just an online resource and hub for fellow music producers to learn from and engage with, with the content provided by some of my producer homies Lbeezy, Akil Esoon, TcDubbz and James Moore.






2011 Banner

Fast forward to 2017 >>>


2017 was my “break & rebuild” year. 

In January 2017 on New Years, my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and my father would later pass that year in August from his cancer.

Having to step up for my family, traveling between NY & PA, and maintaining a grip on sanity, I had to do something.

Instead of making a whole new idea from scratch, I looked to my older brands I had put on the back burner and restored them; starting with

What are the changes?


Relaunching in 2018, I knew I didn’t want to make “another music producer/beat maker blog”, or a site that didn’t have a clear purpose and just blended in with everyone else.


I wanted to make something, thinking as a producer & comm’ designer first, that could seriously help the ‘beats and music producer space’.


So I broke the site into 3 sections; a beat catalog (the Stash), a streaming & publishing platform (the Stream), and a music producer directory & search engine (the Dex).


The Mission


I’ve been making beats for 15 years now (since high school), and the one thing that remains the same for music producers & beat makers, is having your own platform. And now I’m in a position where I not only have my own online platforms, but I can share and promote other producers on them in a way that makes sense.


The people in the creative production industry; the music producers, the audio engineers, the stage crews, the film makers, the designers, the photographers; they are all under valued and under paid as a whole.


Most are struggling to make a sustainable income from their talents or find a creative job that feeds their needs. And usually. we end up relying heavily on social media and social online marketplaces. And when that happens, only the platforms reap the benefits and make the money hand over fist (a lá the pharmaceutical companies in relation to the Health industry).


And if creative producers are willing to learn, adjust and execute their plans by being more aware of themselves and their own value, this can not only enhance the creative production industry, but positive and pure media as a whole.


Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re all about. You didn’t have to really care and give a damn about what this site is about. So for that, we appreciate your presence on this planet and online. Much love, peace and blessings.

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