Here to make my best beats for the right

inspiring professionals with a message,

and change the way we do business

in the music production business & culture.

What is the was first created in 2011 as a music producer blog. 6 years later, it would turn into a music production and beat maker company, featuring services like our Stash Beat Catalog, media Stream and music producer search engine; Dex.


To date, we have produced 25+ songs for an array of music artists, and now companies. Click here to view the portfolio.

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The Stash; online beat catalog

The Stash is our online beat catalog made exclusively for media creatives that inspire. The Stash features beats from genres like Boom Bap, Smooth & Chill, R&B, Urban & Street and more; all produced by Pittsburgh/Binghamton producer & designer, Idasa Tariq.

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The Stream; media for producers & beat makers

The Stream is our in-house media streaming platform. The Stream features media like 5×5 vignettes, beat making videos and music production-themed graphics designs; all with the aim of promoting the culture, art & business of making beats.

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The Dex; the search engine for finding your next producer.

The Dex is our music producer search engine & index. We searched the web and social media to find quality beat makers and producers, and compiled them into one index, so you can discover producers. The right way.

Shade Cobain

Armstead Brown

Bus Crates

Idasa Tariq

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